Nut cake by Adéla from the Czech team

We need these ingredients: 
30 dkg of sugar
30 dkg of flour
20 dkg of butter
four egg
vanilla aroma
baking powder
1,5 dcl of milk
15 dkg of walnuts
a bit of rum (20 ml)

Working procedure: 
1) 30 dkg sugar mix with 20 dkg butter and four whole eggs.
2) Grind 15 dkg nuts.
3) To the mixture of sugar, butter and eggs we have to add 30 dkg flour with baking powder.
4) Next, we add 10 dkg grinded nuts (part of the nuts we keep for decoration) and 10 ml of rum.
5) Then, we add 1,5 dcl of milk.
6) Put the mixture in a cake tin which is covered by oil and flour.
7) Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes.
8) Keep to cool

Prepare yolk topping: 10 dkg of sugar mix with 50 g of butter, 1 yolk and a bit of rum.
After cooling, cover the cake with yolk topping. Sprinkle the cake with the rest of grinded nuts.

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