The Czech Superfoods Day

The Czech students organised The Superfoods Day on 15/03/2016- 16/03/2016. Read the schedule and watch a wonderful video dedicated to our Project's special day orgainised by the Czech team.

Tuesday 15/3/2016 – the SLEEP-OVER was just voluntary for the SEKUNDA and TERCIE students
17:00 – arrival at school
17:30 – discussion with a local dietician about Healthy Food an Lifestyle
18:00 – common dinner in the form of cold buffet – students will bring healthy food including some of our superfoods and share with the others
18:30 – common competitions and games
19:15 – “small school multi-cinema” -  choice of two films: 
Charlie and Chocolate Factory  and  Ratatouille 
21:00 – getting ready for the night
22:00 – lights-out (in the gym on their own air-beds and in their own sleeping bags)
Wednesday 16/3/2016 
6:45 – wake-up signal and morning hygiene
7:15 – common breakfast: bread and butter, jam, tea
8:00 – lessons
1st lesson. – mathematics: working on math problems from
2nd lesson – Czech language: rules how to write a recipe + discussion about recipes in old magazines
3rd lesson – ICT: painting superfoods on computer
4th lesson – English: games and listening activities from the twinspace
lunch –  in the school dining hall
5th – 6th lessons – P.E.: sports and games help us keep fit too :-) :-) :-)
TERCIE class
1st lesson. – physics: doing problems with changes of temperature when freezing / cooking food
2nd lesson – English: ICT room – translating the project recipes into Czech and creating a brochure
3rd – 4th lessons – fine art: making a 3D model of a goat
lunch –  in the school dining hall
5th lesson – German: How are our superfoods called in German?

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