The Portuguese Superfoods Day

On April 19th the Portuguese team celebrated  "Superfoods Day" at the school library with students, teachers and parents. The nutritionists Vera Campos, Catarina and Inês, representing Eurest Portugal,the firm responsible for the canteen meals showed everybody how to prepare and have healthy food for breakfast and tea. The Portuguese team did group work and presented their "Breakfast Plate". They also presented our project's final e-book and then, prepared the juice/smoothie full of vitamins according to the French Team recipe: a delicious ending that made everyone happy on that afternoon.                                                                                             

We will tell you how it happened...                                                                                     

Step one: the Portuguese team invited school mates, teachers and parents to come.                                                     
Step two: group work - "Our Breakfast Plate"                                                                   The Portuguese team brought supermarket leaflets and made collages to create the best healthy breakfast plate. They showed which food shouldn't be included in the plate and these were the results:                                   

Step 3:They decorated the library: they used the food creations made at the school canteen.
Step 4: The nutricionists Vera Campos, Catarina Carvalho e Inês Costa gave a talk and showed everybody how to prepare healthy food for breakfast and tea.

Step 5 :They presented their Healthy Breakfast Plates and there was a debate.

Step 6: Then, they played some games.

Step 7: Etwinners presented our project's final ebook .

Step 8: The Portuguese team prepared the smoothie/ juice full of vitamins according to our French partners' suggestion.

Step 9: Everybody tasted this delicious and healthy juice/ smoothie. Yummy!

In May, the Portuguese team celebrated "The Salad Day".They brought and combined different vegetables and fruit to create delicious and funny salads. They presented them in a creative way and  had the opportunity to taste some vegetables like, arugula, spinach and beetroot for the first time. Yummy, yummy!

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