Argiro Barbarigou's love and encouragement!

Argiro Barbarigou is one of the most distinguished and popular Greek chefs.She is also an award-winning cookbook author and the host of popular TV shows.She keynoted the 2016 Worldchefs Congress and Expo in September 2016 in Thessaloniki where the Worldchefs team described her as the 'Goddess of the Greek cuisine'!
Argiro is tireless, as she moves between TV sets, publishing houses and the restaurants “Papadakis”, which she owns, and Alpha Pie House in Washington D.C., persistently sharing the treasures of Greek nature and cuisine.
Apart from being a great chef, Argiro is also a kind, sensitive woman with special love for children.When she visited our blog and read our alphabet , she immediately congratulated us on our work and supported it, publishing two posts on it on her Facebook and Instagram pages, on  5 and 7 May 2016, this way making our work and eTwinning widely known.
She never stopped embracing our project, as she also published an extensive article on it on her website, which is perhaps the top most visited cooking site in Greece.
We would like to thank her for her love and encouragement and promise her that we will keep up the good work we have been doing.
Argiro's first facebook post presenting our alphabet book

Argiro's second facebook post with our project's newsletter and photos

Argiro's Instagram post on us

The article on Argiro's site

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